Our first animated short!
An army of undead marches through Doomwood under the command of a mysterious necromancer. Standing in their way is a Paladin who has sworn an oath to stop the terror! This is BattleOn.com’s first animated short featuring 3 minutes of non-stop undead slaying madness!

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A Battleon.com Animated Short
Produced by: Adam Bohn & Tony Deller
Animation: Milton Poole
Music & Sound FX: JD Adams
Sound FX & Foley: Dave Johnson


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Player Spoof Videos!
New... and so funny!

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Call to arms!
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I cannot believe it is finally here! Thank you for coming to the premiere of our first short! We put everything we had into this and we want to show it to everyone we can! Who knows, maybe this will lead us to getting our own T.V. show! I will post updates here for every achievement! (Did I just end every sentence in this paragraph with a exclamation mark? )- Artix

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Thank you so much everyone! I made this wallpaper for you to celebrate the premiere. Select the size you would like, then Right-Click on the iage and choose "Set as Background".

DragonFable RPG
This short takes place in DoomWood which can be found in the Free Web RPG DragonFable. The Paladin Artix is currently in game and you can battle undead with him right now. This video is a bit of a spoiler *and* a teaser. We just finished a war where the players defeated 15 million undead monsters and are currently facing down the boss. This video takes place a little while after that when they go to do battle with the Necromancer responsible. Post ideas on the forums about what you think will happen next! (...you could make us change it)


Based on the Web RPG www.DragonFable.com and www.BattleOn.com
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